Enjoy local and international shows, including – Series, Blockbuster Movies, Kids’ Entertainment & Learning, Culture & Lifestyle, Sports, News and Reality. Plus you to keep your favourite SABC channels and in HD.

If you already have an existing working dish connected to IS-20 satellite (satellite dish pointing North East), you just need to buy the decoder. 
Decoder only: R499.99.

If you need a new dish – purchase your Openview decoder with an installation voucher
(includes satellite dish and installation).
From R1299.99.


Now you can record your favourite TV shows with Open PVR. 

Buy your Open PVR stick at the launch price of R199.99 for a 32Gb USB and R299.99 for a 64Gb USB.
* Only compatible with latest decoder models (NA900 and DSD4165).

  1. Press the ‘HELP’ button on your Openview remote control to display the help screen.
  2. Your STB number will then be displayed on the help screen. Please write this number down.
  3. Press ‘EXIT’ on your remote control to return to channel 100.
  4. Dial the number on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen using a cell phone and follow the prompts. Use your STB number to complete your decoder activation.
  5. Your decoder may reboot and update its software during the activation. Please allow a few minutes for this.
  6. Once your decoder has been activated, you can use the ‘P+’ and ‘P-‘ or ‘P↑’ and ‘P↓’ buttons on your remote control to change channels.

Please do not attempt to activate your decoder if you have already attempted to activate it before. It may take up to an hour to view your Openview channels once the decoder has been activated.

Book your Openview by sending us your details below: